Carefresh Western Timothy Hay

Carefresh Western Timothy Hay

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Carefresh Timothy Hay is a made from first cut hay packed with the highest amount of nutrition that helps to keep the digestive tract functioning properly in large and small herbivores. Timothy hay helps prevent obesity, maintains healthy teeth and gums and improves overall health. 

Hay provides the needed fiber and foraging stimulation that your small animal needs to stay happy, healthy and active. All herbivores require hay to keep their digestive systems healthy.

All of the hay in this formula is grown in Eastern Washington, which has proven to have vitamin and mineral soils so that they hay is the highest quality possible.

Carefresh Western Timothy Hay Ingredients:
100% Western Timothy Hay. Preservative and additive free.

Carefresh Western Timothy Hay Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Fiber max .......................... 30.00%

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