Canine Caviar Synthetic Free Gourmet Wild Salmon Canned Food

Canine Caviar Synthetic Free Gourmet Wild Salmon Canned Food

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Canine Caviar's Synthetic Free Salmon Gourmet Topper & Canned Dog Food Supplement is a single protein diet that contains No Gums, No Grains, No fillers, No Added Sugar or Salt, and No Artificial Colors or Preservatives and Zero Synthetic Additives. Canine Caviar canned diets are perfect for dogs that have allergies to other proteins, if you are looking for an alternative to raw (the can is cold processed) or an alternative protein to stimulate your pet’s immune system. You can feed Canine Caviar canned foods as a treat, supplement, or the base of a home prepared meal.
Wild Salmon Benefits: Helps support the immune system, omega-3 fatty acids(EPA and DHA), helps sustain a shiny healthy coat.

100% Synthetic Free Free of all gums, grains, fillers, added sugar, added salt, artificial colors, synthetic additives and preservatives.

Shiny Coat Omega-3 fatty acids in Canine Caviar’s Wild Salmon Dog Food help dog coats become healthy and shiny. The Omega-3 fatty acids lessen issues such as dry skin and dander

Improved Dog Immune System Canine Caviar’s Synthetic Free Salmon Dog Food helps improve the immune system in your dog. The wild salmon provide the nutrients for healthy immune systems and help your companion fight off illness.

100% Hypoallergenic Canine Caviar’s canned dog food is a full hypoallergenic canned dog food making it the best wet dog food for allergies. We understand that there are many dog food allergies to address so we design our hypoallergenic Wild Salmon Dog Food recipe specifically for dogs with allergies

Limited Ingredient Diet Canine Caviar’s Synthetic Free Salmon Dog Food is a limited ingredient canned dog food. It’s the type of diet a wolf would eat in the wild so you can be assured your dog is eating a natural diet.

Single Protein Method All products are single protein dog food based, this helps avoid as many dog food allergies as possible and aides in easier digestion for your dog. Canine Caviar’s Synthetic Free Salmon Dog Food single protein centers around Wild Salmon.

Holistic Dog Food Canine Caviar canned dog food products are all holistic dog food. This means our products are focused on being specifically designed for optimal nutrition and the overall well being of your dog. Holistic dog food does not use processed parts or by-products of ingredients and is as natural as possible

Gluten Free Our canned dog food is a gluten free wet dog food. Its a safe food product for dogs who are allergic to gluten and dogs who suffer from epilepsy.

Grain Free Dog Food Canine Caviar’s Synthetic Free Salmon Dog Food is grain free wet dog food. Grain free dog food gives your dog more energy and keeps your dog fuller longer.

Low Sodium Diet Canine Caviar’s Synthetic Free Salmon Dog Food is a low sodium dog food diet. Low sodium dog food is perfect for dogs with heart or kidney issues and need to watch their sodium intake. Heart issues include heart murmurs, heart failure, enlarged heart, and other heart diseases.

Wild Salmon, Fish Broth, Fenugreek seeds.
Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein – 9.0 % min
Crude Fat – 6.5 % min
Crude Fiber - 1.0 % max
Moisture - 78.0 % max