Bach Rescue Remedy for Pets

Bach Rescue Remedy for Pets

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Bach's Rescue Remedy is the #1 natural reliever of everyday stress. This formula contains a blend of 5 different Bach Original Flower Remedies and is proven to be to immediately calm pets down in stressful situations. Rescue Remedy can be uses on all pets like cats, dogs and birds.

Bach's Rescue Remedy can help calm your pet down in stressful situations like:
- Visits to the vet
- Fear of loud noises
- Excessive barking or hissing
- Shock, trauma or mistreatment
- Loss of companion
- Separation anxiety
- Adapting to new surroundings
-Separation Anxiety

Simply place 4 drops of Rescue Remedy Pet directly into the mouth. (Using the dropper provided). Alternatively, add 4 drops to food, water bowl or on a treat. Rescue Remedy Pet can also be rubbed directly on the animal’s nose, ear or paw. Choose the method easiest for you that will ensure the animal receives the correct dosage.

Bach's Rescue Remedy Ingredients
HPUS 5x dilution of Helianthemum nummularium, Clematis vita lb.a, Impatiens glandulifera, Prunus cerasifera, Orgithogalum umbellatum.